You Should Know

We are not offering something we do not have, it is important to read the following  to make a decision on whether our place is a good fit for you and your travel partners.

One Night Stays –

We rarely are taking 1 night stays.  There are 2 main reasons – 

  • by booking a 1 night stay we are often then unable to take other requests for 2 or more nights.. 
  • we believe that a 1 night stay is just a sleep over, yet many who ask for 1 night stay say they want to come and experience our place, experience nature, experience the tranquility.  However in our experience the large percentage of time, by the time the guest arrive, figure out the place, try to relax, but don’t, it is more stressful for us that we want.  Most people may not understand how the hosts’ want to be relaxed,  so be it, if they don’t understand.

Step 1 – BOOKING:

After taking a look at information about our place and all the cabin Choices, please

  • Send an email to or fill out form:  Cabin Request

Step 2 – Confirming:

by giving as much information as you can, we can then respond to your request in a positive way.  Normally we will send along an invoice with Bank Details for you to Confirm your booking. 

When we get your payment we will send you a receipt to confirm your booking and will give to you the information listed below. 

This helps us to give you the best service we can and for you to have a relaxing arrival.

Step 3 – Giving us information to help you

Once all is confirmed we would then ask you to

  • Appreciate our location – we are about 300 metres from the main road and you have to cross a river to get to our place, there is no bridge.  In the rainy season we often have to walk across or even sometimes park the vehicle at a friend place and walk in about 400 metres.  In the non rainy season we can drive right up to the property and cross the river in the shallow section, by vehicle.  It is only a few inches deep.
  • Meals:  As we are a small family run business, doing most of the work ourselves, we request you let us know your dinner preferences, in particular on arrival day.  Our offering are on this page:  MEALS
    • We like to know your preference – either veg or non veg and if non your preference in meat – pork or chicken as our market is a little away from our place.
    • We like to know if you have any foods that you absolutely are adverse to and do not want in your dinner.
    • If you are Vegetarian:  please understand that we respect your preference, but we cannot provide what you may have at home.  We cook pure veg, but very simple.

Step 4 – Your arrival Day.

***  Please tell all members of the group or family coming about our place.  If the person that made the booking does not share information it becomes difficult for all members.

  • we ask you to send us a Whatsapp message to 94363 03978 with your approximate time of arrival (expected).  This may change due to your personal reasons or traffic as you come through Shillong.   We therefore ask you to keep us updated.
  • we strongly encourage you to arrive before dark, it gets dark early here – 6ish in the summer and 4:30 or 5ish in the winter.
  • if you cannot avoid arriving late, there must be a level of patience, and letting us know lets us help you to find the place.
  • if you are planning to arrive late you may be best to decide to have dinner at a roadside restaurant on the way or you request that we keep it in the dinning room in hot cases.  We cannot stay up to serve you dinner.

LUNCH – we do not provide lunch on arrival day, nor do we normally on other days (unless under special circumstances and intimated prior to coming). 

SNACKS – if you ordered snacks before you came but then got delayed and come late, we need to know.  Otherwise we will have prepared and will charge for the order.  See all information on Meal Menu page..