The Hideout – Formerly know as Cabin 2

PRICE: For only 2 night we rarely offer 1 night stays) – 2600./night for double occupancy – Rs. 600./night for extra person – Breakfast is Included.

For 3 or more nights it is Rs. 2400./night, for double occupancy, Breakfast is Included.

** more information below.

TO BOOK: We want to know that you know WHAT WE ARE as well YOU SHOULD KNOW –

Also that when booking you understand that you are also booking into a Health and Wellness Centre, at the moment have our own small Gym – SWEAT WORKS GYM – you do not have to participate in our programs or in the Gym, but understand that our atmosphere is somewhat based around this concept.

This Cabin has a double bed on the main floor and a Single Bed with extra mattress possible in the Attic HIDEOUT Loft, an ideal place to relax and read a book.

3 Adults max, but mostly meant for couples, or couples with 1 or 2 children.

There is no Kitchen in This Cabin.

Base Price for up to 2 nights (we rarely offer 1 night stays ) is Rs. 2600./night for double occupancy, this includes Complimentary Breakfast as long as you take Breakfast before 8:15 AM, breakfast after this time is charged at Rs. 200./breakfast – not because we want 200 Rupee, because we do not want to do Breakfast after 8:15 as we have other work. But if you really want it late – then we take the charge.

Extra Person Charge is Rs. 600./night for adults above 18 and Rs. 360. for those under 17. No Charge for child under 5 years. This includes Breakfast for the extra person.

Dinner is charged accordingly from the basic menu.

Charges for longer Stays – all other information above remains the same.

3 nights or more– Rs. 2400./night

Booking is done by sending us all your details by email, Number of persons, number and ages of Children, Dates desired and number of nights.