First and Formost as an Agent you need to understand our place. If you do not see our information understad what we are about then it is not much use asking for a commission.

We believe in good long term relations, most of our business is and has been through ‘word of mouth’.

As you may understand we are a small Family Run Bed and Breakfast, as such we cannot manage like a big hotel chain or large resort. Each and every person staying becomes part of the experience we have here at MaplePine Farm Bed and Breakfast. Positive or Negative, it becomes part of our overall experience. The Negatives affect in a certain way and the Positives in another way.

Therefore we wish to accentuate the Positive, that means we are not trying to just fill our Cabins, we are endeavoring to offer each Cabin to people who are willing and ready to understand WHAT WE ARE’

We have constant request from travel Agents, most will start their introduction with: ‘We want to have a long term relationship, please send your best price and commission amount’.

We therefore put the following forward to all ‘Agents’:’

Long Term Relationship: means understanding the place you are sending your clients, understanding your clients and they type of place they wish. We know our place is not conducive to all Travelers, it is for a certain discerning traveler who really truly wants a unique stay and experience. Therefore we first of all request the ‘Agent’ to read about us in ‘WHO WE ARE’ section

Second we wish to introduce you the ‘Agent’ to our belief in ‘LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP’

We are not against business and commission, however is commission is your first question on sending your first clients to us, we would question your desire for that ‘LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP’.

Below is how we offer commission for a long term relationship

If you book 6 Cabin night stays, we offer the 7th Cabin night stay for free.


CABIN 1 @ 2450./night for 6 total nights = 14700.The 7th booking is Free for a Value of Rs. 2450. or about 16%
The next 6 Cabin nights include the free nightso this is then a Free night value of Rs. 2450. for 5 paid nights = 20%

These means that for any combination of Cabins at different prices for 6 nights we will calculate and discount your 7th night by 16% of the total. And the and the next 6 nights including the discounted night (as if you had paid for it) we will discount at 20% of the total.

This to us means we have committed to a long term relationship and understanding.

A few more commitments remain:

  1. The clients, must be told all information about our place, they must all send their names, ages and confirmation that they understand and know about our place.
  2. The food the clients will have on arrival for dinner must be informed to us at least 2 days prior to arrival.
  3. You, the agent, must inform them about our place and ‘WHAT WE ARE.’
  4. If you are sending a Driver along with the Clients, we must know this.
  5. The driver must be given full information about our place, also.
  6. The driver must be given proper directions to our place.
  7. The Driver if not hired by us must understand that his stay at our place is between you,, the agent, and he; not between him and us as we do not know him.
  8. The Driver Charges will be Rs. 500./night – this includes a simple VEGETARIAN DINNER (non VEG is an additional Rs. 100) the night stay and simple Breakfast the next morning (Toast, Omelette and Tea.

NOTE: If the clients arrive and don’t know anything about our place, tell us that their agent did not inform them, have not ordered dinner prior to arrival, we will do our best to accommodate, but take no responsibility and their stay will not be counted in the Cabin nights for Commission.

A well informed clients, means they will be happy, you (the agent) will be happy) and we will be happy.