The Ah-Spiration – formerly knows as AH Frame

The Ah-Spiration Cabin is all about Inspiration and Aspiration. Staying here with an open mind should give you these and more.

We built this cabin with the idea of encouraging travelers to stay longer, thus a small kitchen and a sliding price (the longer you stay the less it costs).

Rather than travelling in and out of Shillong and dealing with all the traffic delays we are actually closer to many of the Traveler Destinations.


  • DAWKI – 83 km
  • SOHRA – 53
  • MAWSYNRAM – 60
  • JAKREM – 68
  • MAWKYRWAT – 74


  • DAWKI – 76 km
  • SOHRA – 49
  • MAWSYNRAM – 32
  • JAKREM – 40
  • MAWKYRWAT – 47

PRICE: For only 1 night (which we rarely offer) – 3400./night for double occupancy – Rs. 600./night for extra person – Breakfast is Included.
Each night you add on we reduce the price by Rs. 200./night for double occupancy. Till 5 nights or more.
** more information below.
TO BOOK: We want to know that you know WHAT WE ARE as well YOU SHOULD KNOW –
Also that when booking you understand that you are also booking into a Health and Wellness Centre, at the moment have our own small Gym – SWEAT WORKS GYM – you do not have to participate in our programs or in the Gym, but understand that our atmosphere is somewhat based around this concept.

This Cabin is in the shape of an A, which in the Khasi language is pronounced AH!

The Cabin is spacious and bright – there is a double bed on the main floor, a small Kitchen (great for quick snacks and making your own tea and coffee, along with a toilet and bath, heated with its own Solar water heater.

By having 2 double beds, it does not mean that we are inviting 4 adults to stay, it is normally meant for couples or families with 1 or 2 children. 3 Adults is normally the maximum.

PRICE – We have priced The Ahspiration Cabin on a sliding scale, the longer you stay the less it costs per night.

Base Price for 1 night (which we rarely offer) is Rs. 3400./night for double occupancy, this includes Complimentary Breakfast as long as you take Breakfast before 8:15 AM, breakfast after this time is charged at Rs. 200./breakfast – not because we want 200 Rupee, because we do not want to do Breakfast after 8:15 as we have other work. But if you really want it late – then we take the charge.

Also included in the Cabin are basics like – Tea leaf’s, sugar, pots and pans, salt and pepper.

Extra Person Charge is Rs. 600./night for adults above 18 and Rs. 360. for those under 17. No Charge for child under 5 years. This includes Breakfast for the extra person.

Dinner is charged accordingly from the basic menu.

Charges for longer Stays – all other information above remains the same.

2 nights – Rs. 3200./night

3 nights – Rs. 3000./night

4 nights – Rs. 2800./night

5 nights – Rs. 2600./night

Booking is done by sending us all your details by email, Number of persons, number and ages of Children, Dates desired and number of nights.