The Haven – Formerly knows as Cabin 1

PRICE: For only 2 night we rarely offer 1 night stays) – 2600./night for double occupancy – Rs. 600./night for extra person – Breakfast is Included.

For 3 or more nights it is Rs. 2400./night, for double occupancy, Breakfast is Included.

** more information below.

TO BOOK: We want to know that you know WHAT WE ARE as well YOU SHOULD KNOW

Also that when booking you understand that you are also booking into a Health and Wellness Centre, at the moment have our own small Gym – SWEAT WORKS GYM – you do not have to participate in our programs or in the Gym, but understand that our atmosphere is somewhat based around this concept.

We built this Cabin first in 2011, camping out with our youngest son only 8 months old. It was cold Dec and January. It remains our Inspiration and Wish for our future as we keep developing ideas, but still remaining stable and small.

This Cabin has a double bed on the main floor and a Single Bed in the small loft. 3 Adults max, but mostly meant for couples, or couples with 1 child.

This Cabin does not have a Kitchen.

Base Price for up to 2 nights (we rarely offer 1 night stays ) is Rs. 2600./night for double occupancy, this includes Complimentary Breakfast as long as you take Breakfast before 8:15 AM, breakfast after this time is charged at Rs. 200./breakfast – not because we want 200 Rupee, because we do not want to do Breakfast after 8:15 as we have other work. But if you really want it late – then we take the charge.

Extra Person Charge is Rs. 600./night for adults above 18 and Rs. 360. for those under 17. No Charge for child under 5 years. This includes Breakfast for the extra person.

Dinner is charged accordingly from the basic menu. MEALS

Charges for longer Stays – all other information above remains the same.

3 nights or more– Rs. 2400./night

Booking is done by sending us all your details by email, Number of persons, number and ages of Children, Dates desired and number of nights.