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Basic Information

We are just a small family business

Our Choices

‘Tread softly lest you destroy that which you so desperately seek’  

A man wanted to use this quote and the way we operate our business to argue that I and we are contradictory for refusing to let him and his family stay in our Twin Cabin room. He claimed that because they are on a tight budget, he would bring his own cooker and cooking equipment so they could prepare their own meals. He expressed his regret at learning that we would not let him cook and urged us to do so.

As many people are aware, in this field there are many who are so persistent that they get what they want, that somehow we are the “bad guys” if we reject. These decisions are ones we make after many encounters, along with the awareness of the inability to just say no when things go too far.

The following is a brief explanation of the quote’s main idea: We had driven a German couple to several off-the-beaten-path locations in Arunachal, Nagaland, and the Khasi Hills-Lyngam region. Now, when we visit these areas, we are not there to interfere with their lives or intrude, at least not in my opinion. If we are invited or accepted, we also accept; if not, that is also fine. This couple, who was with us for their third trip, continued harping on about how tribal regions were becoming more modern, with girls donning cosmetics, heels, skirts, seeing satellite TV dishes on roof tops as well. Now, to them, this was more than just an observation; it was a conclusion that these individuals or locations were not entitled to these possessions.

They wanted a sort of “sheet to cover all these areas so nothing changes, and come, lift off the sheet, and take the desired pictures of ‘these’ people so they can come back and show their friends that they went to these undeveloped places

Now, I don’t go to see these things; rather, I travel and engage with people to observe the changes and respect everyone’s right to evolve, have desires, and aspire to greater things. In terms of philosophy, the desire for less comes only after the desire for more has expired.

I once worked at a senior couple’s Canadian house who were both retired university professors. One afternoon, the husband returned home carrying a sophisticated coffee maker that could be programmed to brew coffee at a specific time the following morning. The housewife, who was battling consumerism and occasionally visited ashrams in India, said that they didn’t need this and that, in fact, she could live in a small hut with just a few pots and pans and be content. I’m sometimes a bit blunt, so I tried to be as kind as I could when I responded, “No, she couldn’t.”   If you looked around, however, you would find that they were affluent, retired, and owned expensive art on their three bedroom, two living room, large kitchen home.

The idea of doing this is some sort of romantic picture of giving up everything they had and living this “simple” life. The poor people who are struggling and living in a little hut with a few pots and pans and are happy—but who are not there by choice and giving up their wealth, but who are there due to circumstance—are being disparaged. I am not criticising what they had or saying they should or should not have it. Being rich makes it challenging to truly feel empathy for others who are less fortunate.

Returning to the topic of cooking on our land, it would not be appropriate for us to make an exception for one family because we would then have to make an exception for everyone, which would entail allowing anyone to visit, have a picnic, cook on our property, etc. There is nothing wrong with this, and there are locations with these amenities, but it’s always amusing to observe how people seem to misunderstand the fact that we are not offering what we are not selling. If we don’t provide that service, you can either accept it or choose not to come.

When I walk into a hardware shop to buy hardware, I don’t go in and tell them they should offer coffee because I want a coffee.

Dear Travel Agent

We are a small Bed and Breakfast offering a place to get away from it all, Tranquil and quiet.  Please if you are asking about bookings and a place to stay, read about us, understand the different cabins we offer and the services we are able to offer and that which we are not able.

Travel Agents:  we ask that you not just request a place for your clients, on MP or CP basis.  We are for business and relationships and have nothing against commission.  However we need you to understand what type of place we are and to have a long term understanding with us.  Our place is not for everybody.

We ask that travel agents follow this example for bookings:  note we don’t offer commission on the first two clients you send.  Once we understand that you as a Travel agent understand us and what we are doing and send clients that would appreciate our place we offer an understanding of ongoing relationship that equals more than most give in commission, but it means we have a long term ongoing relationship.

Example: Accumulate 6 Cabin nights (Cabin nights – means number of nights in a particular priced cabin) – ie: first booking is Cabin 1 for 2 night, next 1 night in Cabin 2, next 3 nights in Cabin 1 – that is 6 nights. The seventh night booking is Free. And so on – you accumulate again.

This basically means you are committing to a long term relationship and sending clients that appreciate and understand our place. If by chance you don’t tell your clients about our place and they come, imagining all the services of a resort, then we have not accomplished our goal – as we say often: our place is not for everybody – the ones who appreciate it really appreciate it and usually come with a knowledge of the place. The ones who don’t, were likely not informed about the place.

If your first question is what is your TAC, when making a booking for the first time,  we wonder about your thoughts for a long term relationship..

An example of a request for stay –

Hi:  This is ________________, we would like to know if there is availability for our clients in one of your cabins at MaplePine Farm Bed and Breakfast.  The clients name is _______________ and he or she is aware about your place.  The number of adults will be ___, and children ages _____.

We have looked at your website and would prefer Cabin ______, if it is available – if not you could suggest which cabins are available.. As for food for the client, they will have dinner on the day they arrive and again we have seen the choices on your website and would like order a _________________.  Thanks you, and look forward to your response.