Dear Guest:  Many may have heard or wish to stay with us at MaplePine Farm Bed and Breakfast and we welcome you.. However we do ask that you read and acknowledge the following information prior to coming.


First and foremost we are not a Resort we are a Bed and Breakfast..  We run the property ourselves with a couple helpers.  We do have other work and are not available at all times.

By coming to stay with us you are acknowledging that you understand and respect what we are and what we are doing.


BOOKING IS BY EMAIL  EMAIL - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  You can see all the Cabin Details and what we offer.  If you send and email with all your details, number of persons, ages, ages of children it helps us to make an offer to you.  If you have a preference in Cabins also it helps for us to know.  


ONE NIGHT STAYS- Please note that as a general rule we are not taking 1 night stays  especially for Groups.

The Topic of Last Minute Bookings:  A Hotel mostly wants to fill rooms, no matter what, and has the staff to manage that. We as a Small Bed and Breakfast on the other hand are not just thinking of filling rooms, we are thinking of quality of life in general.  Therefore when somebody asks for a last minute booking it is difficult to accept even if we do have a Cabin available – when we have decided nobody is coming we are in relaxation mode – we work hard when we work but honestly life is too short not to just relax sometimes.  If a person called or messaged for a booking for ‘tonight’ and added: ‘don’t worry, we will manage our own dinner at a local shop, and we know about your place being just a small family operated B & B’ – then we could say: ‘sure we have a cabin’.  But when we don’t know that the person asking understands – then they arrive and demand snacks, dinner with various items and so on, it makes it difficult for us.  This is why when somebody asks for a last minute bookings, we are rarely available.


We are not here to be involved in where you driver is from or his knowledge of the area.  However, once you hire a driver it is your responsibility to deal with anything between him and you, we have no involvement.  That said, it is also your responsibility to make sure he knows where our place is and what our place is about.  We respect all people, however if you do not tell the driver about our place then it becomes difficult for us, many times the driver becomes more demanding that the clients themselves.  If you have booked a driver through a travel agent, please do make sure he knows where our place is and how to get here.

YOUR TRAVEL PARTNERS:Whether your travel partners are family or friends, it is very important for them to also be told about our place.  Each member of the travel group should understand and acknowledge that they understand about our place.


We understand traveling with friends, however please do understand why we are hesitant to take persons who say: ‘we are 8 friends who want to come for 1 night’. For us this is an indication that you may not quite understand what we are about.  However, neither do we wish to pre judge you, you may really actually be coming for a get away and a relaxing time, go for a hike etc.  

Our history and experience often shows otherwise, so this is why we very specifically say - that we do not have 1 night stays and that groups coming do also have to acknowledge that they understand about our place.  This is not to say we are against a good time.  If your only goal is to come, drink, get drunk then leave the next morning; with out going into details, we think there may be other places more appropriate for this.


We offer Dinner between 7 and 8:30…

We have on our website all the food items we offer.  We are not able to offer items beyond this..  We do not keep Maggi, so please do not assume that we do and arrive hungry and ask us to cook some maggi.

LUNCH:  We do not provide lunch in general, but for sure we do not provide lunch on arrival, if by chance we are agreeing to provide lunch on other days, it would have had to be specifically requested and indicated prior to coming and it would normally be Grilled Cheese Sandwich and some tea.

We ask to know ahead of time regarding your first evening meal, if you have any special requirements like no garlic, no onions or something like that, you must tell us prior to arrival.

We also have a choice of a Light Meal or Child Meal, please indicate if this is what you want, the normal meal will be served if not otherwise indicated.

Simple Veg Meals and Non Veg Meals are put out at the time specified by you.  Coming late and possibly eating cold food is your choice.


These meals are served on a plate, so when you say the time for your meal like 8 pm..  We will start plating at 8 - and put it out nice and hot within 5 minutes.

BREAKFAST:  Breakfast is Complimentary prior to between 6 and 8:15 am, you still do need to let us know the night before what Items you would like and what Time you would like your breakfast..

If you wish to have it after 8:15 we charge Rs. 200. per person for simple breakfast of Toast and Egg with Tea.   This is not because we want your money, it is because we don’t want to do Breakfast after 8:15..