Below are Drivers who know Meghalaya well as well as contacts for Guides, we will slowly fill more in.

** these people are independent and are only Recommendations by MaplePine Farm Bed and Breakfast and Cultural Pursuits, we are not involved in Commissions with them and anything you work out with them is between you and them..

Kiki Kharmawlong -

Lives in Mairang and drives aToyota Ethios. 

You can him by

Whatapp or phone: 



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wan - Drives a Toyata Ethios

Lives in Lyngkien, Mawphlang, near MaplePine Farm

You can contact him by Whatsapp:

98561 29175


94367 09349



Paia Kharbuli

Great for Local Sightseeing for   2 to 3 persons.  also good for Drop off from Shillong to MaplePine or MaplePine to Shillong

Mobile:  9485440087/8873818207


Morningstar khongthaw
Age of 23years old, lives in Rangthylliang , Pynursla .

I'm a local traveller , backpacker  cum Guide operator to villages of Meghalaya .

3) I'm the Founder of the Living Bridge  Foundation  ,a group of Volunteers who works  conservation and Preservation  of Meghalaya's Unique Living Root Architectures

Whatsapp: 87941 47715


Alfred/Sanbor Lyngoh

Mawplang Sacred Forest and David Scott Trail


Mobile: 9615884327

Whatsapp: 82588 83298


Mawplang Sacred Forest and David Scott Trail

Contact: 91 94025 94043; 91 82578 60189