Twin Cabin

Twin Cabin

November Specials –


1 Night Stay – Rs. 1560. Breakfast is charged at Rs. 100./person, coffee and hot chocolate charged extra. For this re – opening we are not charging extra person for the month of October. Maximum persons is 3 (all from the same family).. It is not meant for a bunch of friends to come for a party.

** Twin Cabin has two rooms – each room is 1560. has a double bed on main floor and single bed in loft.

2 Nights – second night 25% discount– but breakfast will be charged at Rs. 100./person. Coffee and Hot Chocolate extra charge.

3 Nights – First night full price. Second Night 25% discount . 3 rd night complimentary – Breakfast Charged at Rs. 100./person. Coffee and Hot Chocolate Extra Charge.

This Cabin has two rooms that are given separately, it has a common entrance in the middle. Each Room is small, but has a double bed on the main floor and a small loft with a single bed.. Good for couples or small family who are on a budget.

Each Room has its own Toilet and Sink – A common Shower is a little away from the Room, it is a Solar Shower, shared between the 2 rooms..

Limit for adults is 3 per room.

It is Rs. 1560./night per room – for double occupancy.

Extra Person – 17 and under is Rs. 380.night. Adult 18 and over is Rs.600./night.

Twin Cabin
Twin Cabin
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