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July 4 2021 post..

It was a cold night in the winter of 2010, that we made our first wild adventure to set up the first structure on this property.   Our Mahindra Armada, We had bought the Armada from a Catholic Bishop in Manipur, it served us well over the years we had it, in fact only weeks after we bought it in 2009, we did a 1 month trip of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland with 8 Belgium Mountain Bikers. Now it was serving us again by pulling our Kitchen on a Trailer,at night, to avoid traffic to this empty property and a village called Lynkien, in Hima Mawphlang, just a short hike of about 2 km up the hill one would find the famous: Mawphlang Sacred Forest.

Part of the whole move to starting this project was, as our family was growing, we felt the need to be based in one place. Since 1998 I would be away most of the time from Sept till April, on trips through out North East India.

This was the beginning, overnight and a Kitchen was on the property. We woke up the next morning, cold and tired; but we actually had an indoor kitchen.

Morning Walk

This was the start, an 8 month old Imryie, two older brothers my wife and I.

We spent 2 months,as we got a visions of what we wanted, and I built the first Cabin. Each morning at about 5 am, I would get up and dig a small portion of garden, just to get myself warmed up. Days would warm up by 8 am or so, and be mostly sunny. Nights were cold, but we were always warm in the tent. Baths were in the river.

Warm Up

After a good breakfast, I would work the day on the Cabin. No Electricity at that time, so all hand tools.

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