Is this the only way In

Morning at MaplePine Bed and Breakfast

We often have visitors arrive, either to come and stay, or just drop by out of curiosity. One of the first questions, after driving on a short 300 metre rough road and seeing a stream to cross, “is this the only way in??” – no of course not “you can always come by helicopter”.

You look around, see a quiet piece of property, don’t see a bridge nor a paved road and you still wonder if there is another way in. Sometimes just accepting is the most freeing privileged of travel, rivaled by no other experience.

If each place you arrive or go to is prepositioned by a wonderment or disturbance of some other offering; the actual experience of that moment has already been lost forever.

The moment the time the place, can only be experienced fully by letting go. We have seen and heard it all: mostly redundant comments that we already know, the words just blow over and we wonder, ‘why are you traveling.??’

Ah, yes we could make it easy to enter or to find. One older gentleman once looked at me and said; “You have an amazing place here, quiet, tranquil and beautiful, but you need to put a Neon sign on the road side’ I leave it at that, my friends. Don’t get lost by the ‘Neon’ sign, for it will not lead you to our place.